d is inappropriate. Concerns have also ▓been raised regarding the potential h▓arm that could come from discriminating against children of the same age because of their dif

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ferent heights.Official data show that from 1992 to 2002, the average height of male children six years▓ of age in China's urban areas incre▓ased by 4.9 centimeters. By 2012,

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the ave▓rage had increased by a further 3.7 centimeters, to reach ▓an average height of 1.2 meters.Supporters of th▓e height-based policy say that it is more c

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onvenient, as checking the age of a child is a time-wasting proce▓ss.According to Chen Guangjin, a director at the Institut▓e of Sociology at Chinese Academy of

Social Sciences, both height and age-based policies have their own advantages."If ticket providers continue to use height▓ as their criterion, the standard line should be constantly adjusted based on the increasing average height of Chinese children. And age i▓s to play a role, an ID for children can be promoted in the same way as China's senior

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29OCT 48

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24OCT 48

versy, with many parents calling

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21OCT 48

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16OCT 48

that aro▓und 60 percent of 1,969

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